What's the best hair care product for you?

What's the best hair care product for you?
Choosing the right shampoo for your hair is inherent considering the needs of your scalp. Our hair is in constant need of nourishment in order to prevent thinning, breakage, split ends, dull and frizzy-looking hair, and in order to keep them healthy. Knowing and identifying haircare product most suitable for your hair type will help preserve their natural sheen and volume.
What is your hair/scalp type?
• You may have a dry scalp if your scalp feels tight (or just itchy) after washing (or just by itself). A dry scalp might be the culprit if you experience dusting of dry powdery flecks (not to be mistaken with dandruff, which are flaky and are observed more frequently in oily hair.) Dual factors might be responsible for this condition; insufficient amounts of natural oils and high pH balance. Opting for treatment shampoos that target hair growth and oil production will be just the solution for you.
• The scalp of someone with oily hair and dandruff may look shinier, and flakes may appear clumped together. Due to overreactive sebaceous glands, your hair may get visibly greasy. Looking for products with the words ‘balancing’ and 'protecting’ may help massage the product in your hair and remove stubborn oil.
• Finally, there is a combination scalp, which is neither dry nor oily. If your scalp gets oily two or three days after shampooing rather than the next day, you have a combo scalp. Using mild shampoos and avoiding styling too much can help alleviate this scalp condition.
Suffderma haircare products contain hibiscus, carrot seeds, coffee beans, onion bulb, vitamin E, biotin, amino acids, Brahmi extract and ginger. Hibiscus and carrot seed prevent hair loss, color protects and nourish hair while coffee bean and ginger retain strength, control dandruff & premature greying, and give smooth, healthy hair. Additionally, they do not contain parabens, silicone, sulphate, and mineral oil. Moreover, they can be used with any hair type.
Ideal haircare routine.
✓ Cleanse
✓ Condition
✓ Detangle
✓ Style and protect.
Suffderma Products Head Shots Hair Growth Oil, Don’t Be Flaky Anti Dandruff Shampoo, Stop Hair Strengthening Shampoo

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