Play Multi Vitamin Hair Softening Conditioner - 200ml

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Hair Conditioner

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Suffderma Play Conditioner tames the frizz, making your hair smoother and easier to handle. Packed with ingredients that deeply nourish, it makes your hair feel super soft and silky. Plus, it brings back your hair's natural shine, leaving it looking vibrant and beautiful. Each time you use Suffderma Play Conditioner, say hello to frizz-free, luxuriously soft, and shiny hair!

How to apply

After shampooing, apply a small amount of conditioner to the lengths and ends of your hair.

Massage it in gently and leave it on for a few minutes.

Rinse thoroughly

In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately and thoroughly. 

We recommend using this condtioner two to three times a week.

Olive Oil : Deeply hydrates and nourishes each strand, making your hair stronger and less prone to breakage. This oil also adds a beautiful shine to your hair, leaving it looking healthy and radiant. Overall, it's a fantastic ingredient that helps maintain smooth, hydrated, and lustrous hair.
Almonds Oil : Almond oil deeply nourishes, hydrates, and strengthens hair, while also soothing the scalp and imparting a natural shine for healthier and smoother strands.
Wheat Germ Oil : Enriched with Linoleic Acid, Wheat Germ Oil is considered extremely good for hair and scalp as it maintains good scalp health, stimulates healthy hair growth, while restoring the moisture content in the strands and keeping them soft and lustrous.
L-arginine : Arginine, one of the most important amino acids in keratin. It strengthens the hair, decrease hair breakage, minimizes hair loss, moisturize and for those who color their hair, it helps protect from the damaging effects of bleach.

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