Hydrabomb Hydrating Face Serum + Solar Shield Sun Block SPF 30+++ UVA/UVB

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Skin Care

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Hydrabomb Hydrating Face Serum - 30ml

Hyaluronic acid brings on the plumping and smoothing effect, plus this serum contains vitamin C to brighten, too.

Solar Shield Sun Block SPF 30+++ UVA/UVB - 100ml

Sunscreen SPF 30+++ UVA/UVB, which blends into all skin tones seamlessly it's "lightweight, doesn't feel greasy.




Peach Extract : Skin appears more radiant. Peach Leaf extract helps to reduce signs of pigmentation and boost skin hydration, resulting in skin looking more even toned and feeling moisturized. It's a natural antioxidant. It helps calm irritation. It helps balance oil production.
Hyaluronic Acid : Skin hydration - keeps your skin moisturized and radiant, Anti-wrinkle properties - due to its capacity to retain large amounts of water, skin stays moisturized and helps to prevent the development of wrinkles, and fills in already present wrinkles to reduce their appearance.
Titanium dioxide works as a UV filtering ingredient in sunscreen – it helps protect the skin by blocking absorption of the sun's ultraviolet light that can cause sunburn and is also linked to skin cancer.
Vitamin E : Using Vitamin E on the skin, especially with vitamin C, helps to prevent UV damage to the skin, decreased sunburned cells, DNA d, prevent aging, reduce appearance of scars and pigmentation and moisturized the skin.

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